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DM IV was the first TD release with a cover by Monique Froese since “Live Miles” in 1987. +++ Both tracks on the DM IV bonus CD were produced by Jerome Froese in only two days. +++ In 2003 Tangerine Dream made the highest merchandise turnover of all time at the Astoria Theater in London. No other artist has ever made more cash on a single evening according to a statement by the promoter. +++ TD did play a cover version of “Back to the U.S.S.R.” as an encore at the Astoria gig which is one of Jerome’s favorite songs by the Beatles. +++ East - Live in Berlin was the first official TD gig with Jerome Froese and Linda Spa. Linda did appear for the last 15 minutes of the main set while Jerome was on stage for the whole gig playing his first guitar duet with Edgar in the middle of the set. +++ All 200 East bonus CD’s were sold within one hour after the release on the TDI webshop. +++ Arizona - Live in Scottsdale/Phoenix was already supposed to be released in 1993 under the name 220Volt but the record company did not want to publish a double CD. And of course they desired a bonus track which was “Treasure Of Innocence”. +++ Jerome’s track “La Marche” on Jeanne d’Arc is meant to be a tribute to TD’s 1979 album Force Majeure. +++ It is not a secret that TD’s 1997 - 1999 lineup’s were Jerome’s favorite ones. Very sad that Emil Hachfeld died on August 8th, 2000, of an asthma attack. His percussive contributions can be heard on on three live releases: Tournado, Valentine Wheels and Rocking Mars. +++ Between the both “Jeanne d’Arc” gigs in Berlin, Jerome sprained his ankle so he had to walk on/off stage with crutches and could barely move at his place during the show (which fortunately wasn’t very important). +++ Jerome has only attended three TD gigs (all in Berlin) after his departure in 2006. +++ The japanese documentary “Mandala” was post produced at George Lucas “Skywalker Sound” close to San Francisco. For “Star Wars” fan Jerome, being there was almost like coming to “Mos Eisley” for a drink. He saw “The Empire Stikes Back” about eight times in cinema when it came out in the early Eighties.
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